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Sponsor Spotlight- Advocacy Solutions

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

We had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Ryan Clarke, the Founder & President of Advocacy Solutions, during the first weeks of orientation. Mr. Clarke took us through the steps he uses with his clients to show us the benefit of teaching people how to create their own solutions. It was interesting to see a creative approach being used in the field of advocacy and government relations. It was a great privilege to learn from such a wonderful sponsor and supporter of the program.

Seeking change through advocacy can be a long process, and take many years of hard work and dedication before progress is made. Mr. Clarke reminded us that continuous engagement and perseverance are essential ingredients for change and that building and sustaining relationships are keys to successful advocacy. He showed us the value of empowering his clients by providing them with the resources needed to be successful in advocacy. Mr. Clarke explained why this can be more effective than doing the work for them. It is his goal to help his clients realize the change they seek.

Mr. Clarke explained the importance of telling your story and the significance of understanding what your ‘ask’ is when it comes to advocacy. Being able to frame your issue or experience to accomplish a goal is something that we will take away from our meeting.

We enjoyed learning more about Mr. Clarke’s career path and why he decided to found Advocacy Solutions. We are very thankful that Mr. Clarke met with us and shared with us so many great insights. We will be sure to remember Mr. Clarke’s advice as we embark on our OLIP journey!

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