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Applications for the 2024 - 2025 Cohort are now closed. Applications for the 2025-2026 Cohort will open in December 2025. 


Selection of Applicants

The Ontario Legislature Interns are chosen through a rigorous process based on academic excellence, personal maturity and a demonstrated interest in parliamentary government. The minimum requirement for a position as an Intern is a university undergraduate degree and an interest in and a knowledge of Ontario politics. See below for full eligibility requirements.

You must have graduated in the last two years to participate in OLIP. 


The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme is a nonpartisan programme. What is nonpartisanship? Nonpartisanship means not being affiliated with a political party, or publicly endorsing positions on matters of public policy. Since OLIP interns will work with both government and opposition MPPs, they are expected to remain politically neutral in a variety of political settings. 

Prior partisan activity may make your application ineligible.


OLIP is open to all candidates who, at the start of the internship:

  • Hold Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency;

  • Hold at least one university degree, from which you graduated in the last two years;

  • Are available to work full-time from September to June.

The application requires the following:

  • A letter to the Academic Director explaining why you would like to be an intern. (600 words)

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Transcript (Official or Unofficial) 

  • Three References - we recommend two academic references and one other. You will need to provide email addresses for your referees. They will be asked to upload their letter to an online system. Two of the three references must be received by February 7 in order for your application to be considered complete.


Frequently asked questions

I am not available from September through June and would like to participate in OLIP part-time, is this possible?

No, OLIP is a full-time programme that runs from September 1st to June 30th. Interns are required to be at Queen’s Park Monday to Friday, all day with some weekend, early morning and evening work required. If you are interested in part-time experience, perhaps try contacting local MPPs to see if they have any volunteer work available.

Is the internship paid?

Yes, interns are paid $2,700+ monthly plus an additional $1,000 paid upon completion of their academic paper. While OLIP’s stipend is not taxed, depending on your circumstances, you may be taxed upon filing your income taxes.


I did not go to university, can I still apply?

Due to the academic nature of the internship, only applicants who have graduated (or will graduate by September 1st) from a university undergraduate degree will be considered.

I am currently pursuing graduate studies, can I apply? 

Yes! Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to apply as well, so long as you are expected to graduate your program before you begin OLIP.  

I am currently an undergraduate student and will not graduate until the summer. Can I apply?

Yes, as long as your transcripts indicate that you are in good standing and expected to graduate before September 1st.

If chosen, can I defer my internship until next year?

No, OLIP does not allow deferring of internships. You may reapply the following year.



When is my application due?

Applications, including supporting documents, must be uploaded by January 31 at 11:59pm EST.



Do I need three references? Can they all be academic?

Yes, we require three references of which two must be academic from recent courses or interactions. The third may be academic, work or character references.

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