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Placement Posts -Eric with MPP Goldie Ghamari

For my first placement I am working with Progressive Conservative MPP Goldie Ghamari, who represents the riding of Carleton. It has been a truly enriching experience.

From my first day, MPP Ghamari made sure I was involved in as many task and events as possible. I am MPP Ghamari’s acting legislative assistant at Queen’s Park and am so humbled with the amount of trust she has put into me to complete the various tasks that help the office run smoothly.

I am so thankful for MPP Ghamari’s mentorship. As this is my first experience working in a legislature, MPP Ghamari has made sure that I was able to learn as I go and that I never hesitate to ask questions. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that I take away as much as possible from this placement and has made every task a learning experience for me. With every new task I’m given in the office, MPP Ghamari takes the time to explain it’s relevance to our work and how it supports her duties as a Member of Provincial Parliament.

She has virtually given me full reign over the administrative duties of the office, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. Some of my many tasks include, arranging meetings at Queen’s Park with stakeholder groups, creating briefing notes for all meetings and events, collaborating with the constituency office on various tasks and preparing speeches to be presented in the house.

Everyday is a new experience. MPP Ghamari keeps me involved by inviting me to accompany her to events throughout the city. I have been fortunate enough to attend so many interesting stakeholder meetings which have allowed me to learn about the diverse organizations and causes that are important to the people of Ontario. MPP Ghamari invited me to spend time in the constituency and it was a wonderful opportunity. I spent

time doing work with her fantastic constituency staff Candice, Hina, Kirstyn and Megan. They taught me about how a constituency office runs and how they are working to serve the people in the various communities across Carleton. I attended community events in the riding and even staffed MPP Ghamari during the public hearings for the Standing Committee on Justice Policy during its stop in Ottawa.

I cannot thank MPP Ghamari (Goldie as she prefers) enough for making this an unforgettable

experience. I look forward to coming into work everyday and am very excited for everything that is to come with the time I have left in the office.

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