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Placement Posts - Eric in Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations

Our next Placement Post comes from Eric who is working with Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations Branch!

The first few weeks of my placement have been exceptional. I have been placed with the Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations (PPPR) Branch of the Legislature. Under the Director, Debi LaMantia, I have learned the critical role that this branch plays in so many aspects of the Legislature. PPPR is a non-partisan branch responsible for various ceremonies, events, programs and processes that occur throughout the Legislature and beyond. This branch interacts and collaborates with virtually every single other branch.

During my first few weeks I have been fortunate enough to be involved in so many different programs. Working with my new colleagues, I helped with the Korean National Liberation Day flag raising ceremony. It was a wonderful ceremony and showed how communities from all across Ontario can be involved with the Legislature to celebrate their culture. I was also fortunate enough to take part in the Legislature’s outreach program that visits various schools across the Province to educate children on the processes of Parliament, debates, the role of MPPs and how laws are made in Ontario. These programs are so valuable for educating youth and getting them engaged in public service.

PPPR is also responsible for the Legislative Page Program, the Legislative Usher Program and the many Information/Education officers are responsible for the tours and educational programs that go on inside Queen’s Park. PPPR is always looking to expand their programs and educate the public on the important work that is done here at Queen’s Park. They run the educational social media accounts for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as well as the educational portions of the website! They provide various teaching resources and tools to help the public learn about Parliament. Members of Provincial Parliament are often involved in many events at Queen’s Park and PPPR does a wonderful job to help organize and plan the events that members will be attending. PPPR will organize events requested by the public and is responsible when the Assembly is privileged to have dignitaries from other countries visit Queen’s Park.

This branch is so very important to facilitating all the work that everyone does in the Legislature and I am so fortunate for the opportunities that I’ve had while working here!

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