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Our Meeting with Minister Paul Calandra

The interns were given the great opportunity meet with the Government House Leader Paul Calandra. Min. Calandra is the current Government House Leader and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing of Ontario.  

Minister Calandra shared with us what it is like to handle being both the Government House Leader and the Minister of a very important and prevalent ministry. The interns believed that it might be difficult to balance both, but Minister Calandra assured us he handles it very well.  

He provided us with perspective on his experience of leading a caucus and shared how he navigates it effectively. He emphasized the significance of assembling a team comprised of diligent and motivated individuals. Minister Calandra expressed how all MPPs should word hard on behalf of their constituents and the province of Ontario. He also added that teamwork is of utmost importance for the caucus.  

Minister Calandra also shared with us the differences between his time at the federal level at the House of Commons and now at Queen’s Park. He joked that question period can be less entertaining here at the provincial level but rest assured that the work is just as important! We appreciated his candidness and willingness to share his experiences with us. 

Thank you again Minister Calandra for meeting with us and we look forward to our visit to Stouffville!  

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