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Oriented for Success

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

After three and a half jam packed weeks, OLIP orientation has come to an end and our brains are filled with more knowledge than we ever could have anticipated! It is hard to believe that it has been less than a month since we walked through the front doors of the Legislature, eager to discover what OLIP had in store.

Since September 4th, we have met with a number of remarkable individuals from both the public and private sectors. Our various meetings have offered us valuable insight and information on a range of subjects, and we feel privileged to have been able to have so many thoughtful conversations. Our academic sessions have given us new knowledge of some of the theoretical concepts used to study the political process, while our sponsorship meetings have allowed us to meet some of the generous people who help make OLIP possible. From engagements with Premiers, both current and former, to our numerous sessions with OLIP alumni, we are left thinking about how incredible an opportunity OLIP is. Equipped with our new knowledge and understanding, we are looking forward to starting in our first placements as the calendar turns over to October.

With the House expected to resume on October 28th, each of us will be working in a branch of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario for the next four weeks, assisting Assembly staff with a variety of projects. This placement offers us the opportunity to get more hands-on experience in a Legislative setting, in advance of our placements in MPP offices. While we are still learning the ropes, these past few weeks have been a thrill and we are looking forward to continuing to experience all that Queen’s Park has to offer.

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