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2nd MPP Placement: Razan x MPP Lucille Collard

I had the pleasure of completing my second placement with MPP Lucille Collard, who represents Ottawa-Vanier as a member of the Ontario Liberal Party. MPP Collard is also the House Leader for the Liberal Party, and the Third Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Whole House – a Deputy Speaker! 

As critic for the Attorney General, the Solicitor General, and Francophone Affairs, MPP Collard tackles a variety of issues in her office. I wrote letters to Ministers, Members’ Statements, and questions for Question Period pertaining to all of her critic portfolios! In particular, I learned a lot more on the nuanced challenges French-speakers in Ontario may face. There are a variety of services that are always available to English-speakers that are not always available to French-speakers on the same level. I am very grateful to have gained a deeper understanding of Francophone Affairs through my work in MPP Collard’s office.  

Although it was sad to say goodbye, my favourite day in my placement was my last day (and week) in MPP Collard’s office. It was a very busy last week because MPP Collard’s ballot date was the last day of the session! Her Private Members’ Bill, Bill 133: Kids’ Online Safety and Privacy Month Act, was up for Second Reading! I helped draft MPP Collard’s debate remarks, which highlighted the importance of online safety and privacy awareness.  

Bill 133 was inspired by the advocacy work of Dr. Charlene Doak-Gebauer, who graciously visited us at Queen’s Park! It was very nice to host her and learn more about her work. We were able to go to the Chamber in the morning to watch Question Period on the last day of the session! Later on, we also went to the Chamber to watch MPP Collard debate her PMB. It was very special to watch Bill 133 pass Second Reading with unanimous consent, successfully going to Third Reading.  

Thank you so much to MPP Collard, David, and the rest of the team for welcoming me and being very supportive during my time in the office! I learned a lot and had a great time with the rest of the caucus!  

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Eddy Smith
Eddy Smith
27 de jun.

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