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Sponsor Spotlight- Ontario power generation

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is the province’s largest clean power generator, owned wholly by the Government of Ontario. OPG operates a spectacular and diverse portfolio of nuclear, hydro, thermal and solar power solutions, differentiating itself as a climate change leader with a focus on a clean future. We were grateful to meet with Sandra Dykxhoorn, Director of Provincial Relations, Alexandria Anderson, Stakeholder Relations Officer, and a few other of their colleagues including senior managers and a corporate affairs coordinator who delved into the OPG’s current projects, opportunities, and challenges.

In addition to the incredibly interesting discussion on power generation instruments, we learned about the positive impact that OPG has on job creation and economic benefit to the province. OPG employs thousands of people across Ontario, with even more people employed by supply chains and spin-off benefits. Every year, OPG returns net income to the province, helping to fund essential programs and economic growth - more than $4 billion has been returned in just the past five years! All the while, OPG has been a leader of innovation in spheres such as transportation electrification, isotope production for medicinal purposes, and small modular reactor technology which may one day replace existing nuclear energy infrastructure.

We also learned about the potential for strength in diversity, and OPG strives to be an inclusive organization to drive better discussions, decisions and outcomes through their diverse and accessible workplaces. With a mix of internal and external diversity programs including Indigenous community relationship-building, OPG has laid the groundwork for a series of successful generation development partnerships. Thank you OPG for the brilliant learning experience.

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