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Partner Blog: Counsel Public Affairs

We were happy to host Jignasha, Director of Compliance and Felix, Account Director at our OLIP office to talk about Counsel PA and its contributions to politics in Ontario. Counsel PA is a public affairs agency, specializing in government relationships, strategic communications, and integrated campaigns, and a proud partner of OLIP. We learned about their work in public and government relations, strategic communications, and Indigenous facilitation. An approach the interns found interesting was their engagement with Indigenous communities, including a client-focused training program that builds understanding of First Nations and Indigenous rights. Jignasha and Felix also shared some of their personal success stories in their time at Counsel PA and the rules and regulations behind lobbying and registering as a lobbyist in Ontario. 


Thank you, Counsel PA, for the insightful conversation, and of course, for your support for OLIP over the years. 

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