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Partner Blog: OMERS

Our favourite type of Friday meeting is good conversation over lunch, especially with OLIP alumni. We were graciously hosted for lunch at the OMERS office by two notable alumni, Chris Morley, Vice President of Government Relations and Ann DeRabbie, Vice President of Corporate Communications at OMERS. OMERS is one of Canada’s large public sector pension plans that are recognized leaders for their independent investment management, particularly in infrastructure and real estate. Their 600,000 members include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, municipal government employees, and school board employees who are not teachers. 


We discussed pension plans for employees across Ontario, and the debate about whether governments should regulate how much pension plans invest in Canada. We also learned OMERS’ investments in Canada with portfolios in infrastructure, real estate, entertainment, and startup businesses, totaling $130 billion in assets under management. 


We are proud to begin this new partnership with OMERS and are looking forward to many more endeavours together. Thank you, Chris and Ann, for the delicious lunch, engaging conversation, and  your support for OLIP. 

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