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Sponsor Spotlight - Ontario Power Generation

We had the pleasure of meeting Alexandria Anderson, Shawn Klis, and Jackie DeSouza from the Ontario Power Generation (OPG). They are Ontario’s only publicly owned electricity generator and one of OLIP’s major sponsors.

We have a longstanding partnership with OPG thanks to their generous contributions and their engagement with the interns. During our meeting, they gave us a presentation about the work that they do to power homes and offices across the province. We had an intriguing discussion about Ontario’s transition from coal to nuclear power, and about the challenges that the industry is currently facing. For instance, they described their ongoing challenge to dispel myths about nuclear generation and to educate the public about the safety of their operations.

After our meeting, they treated us to a less formal outing in the city to answer all our questions and to learn about our placements. They have also invited us to go on a tour of their Pickering power plant and we are very excited! Thank you Alex, Shawn, and Jackie for welcoming us into your offices and for inviting us to have a closer look at what you do behind the scenes!

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