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Sponsor Spotlight: Loblaw

We had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Dupuis, Senior Manager of Government Relations at Loblaw and previous OLIP Intern! Vanessa has been a member of the Loblaw team since 2019. She spoke to us about her responsibilities within her role including managing communication and engagement with government at the federal and provincial levels, conducting outreach to political staff and public servants, and working on enterprise-wide responses to legislative reforms, COVID-19, data and privacy, and extended producer responsibility.

Vanessa spoke to us about her journey to Loblaw from the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario where she worked as the Strategic and Operations Advisor. We were surprised to learn that at the time, Vanessa was one of the only employees at the Office of the Auditor General without a background in accounting. She told us about the diverse nature of her role as a member of the Senior Management Committee, an Auditor, and a Research Coordinator. After nearly 5 years at the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario, Vanessa transitioned into her role as Manager of Government Relations at Loblaw. We are always happy to hear about the roads that former interns have taken in their careers, especially as we begin to think about what life after OLIP looks like for us.

Vanessa reiterated Loblaw's support of OLIP over the years, and their commitment to the continuity of our programme as we reach our 46th year. The OLIP Interns thank you for your in-depth career advice and insightful words, Vanessa!

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