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Sponsor Spotlight: Howard Brown, Brown & Cohen

Last week at (virtual) orientation, we had an opportunity to meet the wonderfully positive and insightful Howard Brown! Howard is both the founder and President of Brown & Cohen, a communications and public affairs firm that provides a unique blend of public relations, government relations, and marketing services to its clients.

Howard took the time to connect and converse with each of us, candidly sharing his personal experiences and stories. We were especially drawn to Howard’s optimism, especially when he offered advice and guidance that was not only relatable to our cohort, but to young professionals everywhere. Howard shared his wisdom with us, reminding us that vulnerability does not equate to weakness, and that curiosity, creativity and kindness are the “keys to success”.

Before the interactive conservation ended, Howard ensured we understood that every question is one worth asking, and that showing kindness and compassion are not traits to shy away from, but ones to cultivate and express in our everyday lives. Howard, the OLIP interns sincerely thank you for your kind words and for being a longtime supporter and believer of the OLIP program!

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