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Sponsor Spotlight- Hill+Knowlton Strategies

On November 27, we met with Ms. Laura Greer, Vice-President of Public Affairs at H+K Strategies. Ms Greer and her team explained H+K’s mandate and highlighted how this global public relations firm supports clients in different sectors through innovative products and strategies. They were able to provide us with great insight into what it is like to work for such an innovative public relations firm.

One highlight of our discussion was regarding the work that H+K is doing to help their clients prepare for the vaccine roll out for COVID-19 and all of the logistical challenges that are related to that. Companies that are highly involved in that process need to be able to communicate effectively with government decision makers in order to collaborate efficiently and reach their goals. With a wealth of experience building relationships with government and a strong understanding of the decision making processes at Queen’s Park, the consultants at H+K Strategies are well positioned to facilitate that effective communication.

Additionally, because many issues are inter-jurisdictional, involving both the provincial and the federal governments is crucial. The relationships that the H+K team in Ontario has built with provincial Ministers can also be leveraged to connect with the federal counterpart of a particular Minister. The cultivation and maintenance of these connections and relationships is essential to the ability of H+K consultants to help their clients achieve their objectives. Such great insights into the public relations sector are the reason why we love meeting with our sponsors! Thank you H+K Strategies for meeting with us and for your sponsorship of OLIP! Your support is appreciated by all the interns!

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