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Sponsor Spotlight: Gary Clement and TD Bank

Recently, the OLIP interns had the privilege of meeting with Gary Clement who currently serves as the Director of Government Relations at TD bank, after an illustrious career in provincial and federal politics. Having dedicated many years to working in the Premier’s Office, Parliament Hill and TD Bank, Mr. Clement provided us with unique insights which could only belong to someone who has experienced the many facets of government decision making, both in the public and private sector.

As a group of young professionals seeking advice on how we can use our OLIP experience as a steppingstone for our futures, Mr. Clement informed us that politics is a learning process for crisis management where every day presents a new set of challenges. Our experiences at Queen’s Park will help us build the arsenal we need to face these challenges and to learn from them. These crucial skills allowed an easy transition between the public service and private sector for Mr. Clement.

At the end of this wonderful conversation, Mr. Clement left us with a parting piece of advice which has been a guiding principle for him throughout his career: treat others with respect and seek learning opportunities from every person you encounter. It was a pleasure to gain such a wealth of knowledge from Mr. Clement. Thank you for your candor, Mr. Clement, and thank you to TD Bank for their support of OLIP!

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