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Sponsor Spotlight- TD Bank

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

We were absolutely thrilled to meet with Gary Clement, Director of Government Relations at TD Bank, a few weeks ago. With a wealth of experience in the public service, politics, and government relations, Mr. Clement was a pleasure to talk to and his stories were very enlightening. His time working in the Premier’s Office between 1999 and 2003 was the source of a number of interesting stories that highlighted the many organizational, quick thinking, and crisis management skills that one can gain while working in the political realm, all skills that have enabled Mr. Clement to find success in the private sector as well.

His stories also highlighted the many challenges that political staffers encounter and the demanding schedules that they have to maintain. The importance of such political experience however is integral for anyone wishing to work in Government Relations, according to Mr. Clement, because it teaches you how politicians think and helps you to understand why certain decisions are made. Without such an understanding, it becomes much more difficult to know how to bend the ear of government officials and get your own issues on their agenda.

Insights like this are why meeting with our sponsors is such a pleasure. We always learn so much from their experiences and take tidbits of information or advice away with us, which we can then use to inform our decisions, interactions, and careers. Thank you very much Mr. Clement for taking the time to talk with us and for sharing your experiences and insights with us! And thank you TD Bank for your generous support of the OLIP. It is greatly appreciated!

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