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Sponsor spotlight - Estee Lauder

We were able to squeeze in a meeting with Mr. Mark Gilmour from Estée Lauder during our final week of the program. Mr. Gilmour, Executive Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, is responsible for a team of 28 at Estée Lauder’s offices in Markham.

We were excited to talk to Mr. Gilmour about our year with OLIP, and how the pandemic has shaped our experiences at Queen’s Park. Working from home has shaped the Estée Lauder office as well, and we were interested in comparing the different approaches taken by the private and public sectors.

We learnt more about how regulations and public policy affect the work of Estée Lauder and its suite of companies. Mr. Gilmour described the importance of balancing policy to ensure it has its intended effect but does not overreach in its scope.

We are so grateful for sponsors like Estée Lauder and champions of the program like Mr. Gilmour. Without our generous sponsors, our experience would not be possible. Thank you Mr. Gilmore for taking the time to meet with us!

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