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Sponsor Spotlight - Bruce Power

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

On November 2, we met with representatives from Bruce Power, Ontario’s only private nuclear power generation company. From their site near Tiverton, on the shores of Lake Huron, Bruce Power provides approximately 30% of Ontario’s electricity supply. The facility is also responsible for the production of medical isotopes. Cobalt-60, which is used to sterilize medical equipment, as well as Lutetium-177, used to treat prostate cancer, are both produced at the facility.

Pat Dalzell, Andrew Thiele, Clint Litster and Taylor McKenna at Bruce Power explained the benefits of nuclear energy production and the variety of ways that their company helped to grow Ontario’s economy, push the frontiers of research, and assist in the creation of lifesaving medical components. Part of their presentation outlined the ongoing plan to keep the Tiverton facility operational through the 2060’s. They also patiently answered our questions, giving detailed explanations about the safety protocols that are observed during the storage of radioactive waste. Despite what ‘The Simpsons’ would have us believe, the precautions that go into the containment of radioactive waste are well thought out and nothing is left to chance.

While we did not get the chance to tour the facility in person, all the interns were fascinated by the work conducted by Bruce Power and would definitely jump at the opportunity to visit their power generation facility. We all came away from the meeting a little bit wiser about nuclear power and a lot more interested about what it takes to operate such an important part of Ontario’s energy infrastructure. Thank you to Pat, Andrew, Taylor, and Clint for hosting such an educational meeting, we really enjoyed it! And thank you to Bruce Power for your ongoing support of our Programme!

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