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Sponsor Spotlight - Howard Brown

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

A few weeks ago, we had the immense pleasure of meeting with Howard Brown, the founder and president of Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc., a company that provides both government relations and marketing services. Mr. Brown has been a long-time sponsor and advocate of OLIP and it was a pleasure to meet with him.

During his meeting with us, Mr. Brown clearly demonstrated why he has enjoyed so much success in his career, quickly connecting with each intern individually while drawing us in with his enthusiasm and storytelling. Using his own experiences to emphasize his points, he taught us about the importance of taking an interest in others in order to network and build long-lasting relationships. We also discussed the need for everyone to come out of their own “silos” and engage in respectful discussions with those of differing opinions, as well as the importance of effectively framing an issue in an uncontroversial way in order to build consensus.

After an enriching discussion, the last 15 minutes were spent having a quick round-table of our ideas for our research paper topics and receiving feedback from Mr. Brown. The sincere interest that he showed for our papers and his desire to support us in that process demonstrates why we’re so lucky to have him as an OLIP supporter. Thank you Brown & Cohen!

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