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Placement Posts - Vanessa with MPP Stan Cho

For my spring placement, I have had the privilege of working for MPP Stan Cho. MPP Cho is the Parliamentary Assistant for the Minister of Finance and the Member for Willowdale. I am excited to be placed with MPP Cho because he previously served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Treasury Board, and currently sits as a member for the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. MPP Cho is both passionate and hard working, and brings a wealth of experience from his business background.

In my placement, I have been assigned a variety of tasks such as preparing stakeholder briefing notes, drafting potential questions for question period, writing a member statement and witnessing a period of the budget making process. Prior to COVID-19, in addition to the fast paced and exhilarating nature of the Ministry of Finance, my highlight thus far was attending the Budget Day Announcement in Kleinberg, Ontario. I was able to shadow MPP Cho during the event and participate in a media-filled engagement. Also, I have had the chance to attend a variety of meetings from a wide range of sectors spanning industries such as insurance to entertainment to the non-for-profit world. These experiences have exposed me to a wide range of issues and have deepened my understanding of approaches to decision making and problem solving.

Currently, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, MPP Cho and his team, Ryan Cole, David Li, Ashley Seo and Christina Botsis have been working diligently to address constituent concerns as well as provide necessary support where possible within the community. I have been assisting with updating the website ( with the ongoing Federal and Provincial measures, developing graphics and informing residents of Willowdale of the support programs available for individuals and businesses as well as local community resources.

Overall, I have enjoyed supporting the team and most recently helping prepare for MPP Cho’s Tele Town Hall with Hon. Rod Phillips and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health, MPP Robin Martin.

Thank you to MPP Cho and his staff for allowing me to diversify my skill set, expose myself to a variety of issues, challenge myself and for making me feel a part of the team. I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement and learning about the important functioning of the Finance Ministry. I look forward to continuing working alongside such an amazing team and having the opportunity to learn about the issues important to Willowdale.

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