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Placement Posts-Ritika with Parliamentary Counsel

My Legislative Assembly placement was with Parliamentary Counsel - the Assembly’s lawyers! I conducted a jurisdictional scan, assessing the policies that govern Members’ use of social media. I critically examined the guidelines put forth by the Canadian provinces and territories, as well as by jurisdictions in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. A highlight of my time was being in direct contact with the legislatures of places like the Northwest Territories, Victoria and even Wales!

My time with Parliamentary Counsel was a wonderful learning experience. Peter and William of Parliamentary Counsel were very welcoming, and they helped me to understand the complex world of parliamentary privilege and defamation law. Additionally, it was a true privilege to work under two lawyers, as I am considering going to law school myself. I got a first hand look at the type of work lawyers do and the complex legal and political issues they examine.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in an office of the Legislative Assembly. Not only was it rewarding, as I felt like I was contributing to the Assembly’s work, but I learned a lot. I was exposed to topics I knew nothing about, but found to be immensely interesting. Moreover, my time with Parliamentary Counsel gave me a deeper appreciation for the important work the Legislative Assembly does, and how the Assembly enables Members to complete their own important work. I’d like to thank Peter and William, as well as OLIP, for this tremendous opportunity.

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