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Placement Posts - Kieran with the Legislative Protective Service

Beginning this week, updates will be posted about the progress of our first Legislative placements written by each intern. First off, Kieran is placed with the Legislative Protective Service! The LPS is the security arm of the Assembly, and provides a full range of in-house security services for the Legislative Precinct. The Sergeant-at-Arms, currently

Jacquelyn Gordon, is the head of the Service and is ultimately responsible for security and building management within the Precinct.

In my placement, I have been working on policy analysis in relation to many of the changes to the Service which were recently implemented through amendments to the Legislative Assembly Act. The changes are designed to give the LPS the tools it needs to ensure the continued safety of the Legislative Precinct and its occupants in a changing security landscape. My placement has been an interesting look into the behind-the-scenes of the policy making process. One of the highlights of the first week was my opportunity to sit in on several policy meetings focused on updating LPS guidelines and regulations. I am enjoying having the privilege to hear the discussions and deliberations which lead to the creation of effective policy. These documents go through many revisions and examinations to ensure the final product reads exactly as is intended

This placement offers valuable insight into the thought behind effective policy which I believe will be very helpful once I begin my placement in a member’s office. I want to thank the LPS for having me for the next few weeks and I look forward to continuing to learn about the work of the Service.

This logo for the LPS is being replaced soon, keep an eye out for the new insignia!


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