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Placement Posts - Jeremy with MPP Kathleen Wynne

I have had the pleasure of working with MPP and former Premier Kathleen Wynne for my first placement. MPP Wynne is the Liberal Critic for Education and represents the riding of Don Valley West. MPP Wynne has encouraged me to participate in all aspects of her office. I have greatly enjoyed briefing her on legislation, assisting in the writing of questions for Question Period, drafting Member’s statements, and conducting research for Private Member’s Bills. Being able to sit in on meetings with stakeholders has also been enlightening - each one serves as a crash course on some of the most important issues in Ontario. 

I’ve also enjoyed staffing MPP Wynne at a wide variety of events. Some of the many highlights include when she co-hosted The Rush on Newstalk 1010, was a guest lecturer for a political science course at the University of Toronto Mississauga, and appeared on CP24, Global, and CTV. It was also a great honour to be a small part of MPP Wynne’s portrait unveiling. I’ve learned a lot being able to see behind the scenes of these events, and they’ve made the placement far more diverse than I had originally expected. 

I’ve also enjoyed learning about the important work of MPP Wynne’s constituency office, and all the staff there have warmly welcomed me. I’m particularly grateful to Wendy Weston, MPP Wynne’s Special Assistant,  who works at both Queen’s Park and the constituency office and who has taught me so very much. I look forward to the rest of this exciting placement!

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