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Placement Posts - Jenn with MPP Michael Parsa

I am thrilled to be starting the OLIP spring term with MPP Michael Parsa, member for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. As the Parliamentary Assistant to the President of the Treasury Board, a member on the Standing Committee on Estimates, and Standing Committee on Public Accounts, there is so much to learn! I have already been tasked with some speech writing, research and staffing assignments, and prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, I had split my time watching question period, sitting in on meetings and observing committee.

The Treasury Board is tasked with leading the government’s efforts on accountability, openness and modernization. This ministry is especially crucial in planning government expenditure and maintaining due diligence for decisions related to capital. I have come to recognize the immense breadth and depth that this portfolio holds – it extends and impacts all other sectors of the government. With MPP Parsa’s background as a small business owner and previous position as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic, Development, Job Creation and Trade, he offers an important and unique perspective.

It is an interesting time to be placed in MPP Parsa’s office, given the challenges that arise due to the pandemic. I am included in daily Zoom calls with MPP Parsa and his team, where I offer any research assistance and provide updates on new federal programming. These daily Zoom calls allow me to be connected to the office and has showed me the important work of MPPs in supporting community, assisting constituents, and liaising with various levels of government.

I am grateful to MPP Parsa and his staff, Kai Nademi, Shaida Maleki, Philip Hattin, Kristine Miller and Mona Ahmadi who have warmly welcomed me into the office.

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