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Placement Posts - Jenn with Laura Mae Lindo

I am thrilled to begin my fall placement with MPP Laura Mae Lindo, who represents the riding of Kitchener Centre. I am grateful to MPP Lindo, Jasmine Attfield, her Legislative Assistant, and Carly Pettinger, her constituency assistant who have all warmly welcomed me into the office.

Upon being introduced to MPP Lindo, we immediately began getting to work. This fast-paced and exciting environment has really fostered an enriching learning experience. So far, I have been tasked with conducting research for upcoming Private Member’s Bills, as well as assisting in drafting Member’s Statements and Question Pitches. I have equally enjoyed sitting in on the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills with MPP Lindo, as well as the NDP Black caucus, where I have the chance to observe the small working groups of MPPs.

A key part of my time has also been sitting in on meetings with MPP Lindo and various stakeholders, as they express their concerns. The ability for constituents and various stakeholder organizations to reach out to the office and meet with MPP Lindo fortifies the democratic fabric of our country, and shows that equally important to the macro-level policy that occurs in the House, there is micro level, individual concerns that must be attended to.

I am looking forward to the months ahead in MPP Lindo’s office, and am grateful to OLIP for the incredible opportunity.

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