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Placement Posts - Eric with MPP John Fraser

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

After a wonderful first placement, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with MPP John Fraser, the Member for Ottawa South. MPP Fraser is a strong presence in the Legislature and working in his office will be such a valuable experience.

MPP Fraser seems to have friends in every corner of the building and has had a substantial role since the last election. As Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, MPP Fraser has worked diligently to get the Ontario Liberals back on their feet. His optimistic attitude and open-minded approach has been inspiring. MPP Fraser is a strong advocate for the long-term care sector. As a former Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, he has had an important presence at Queen’s Park and his community advocating for various improvements in Ontario’s long-term care system.

During my first week in my new placement, MPP Fraser was wrapping up his role as Interim Leader. It was immediately clear to me that this was a role he took very seriously. His determination, optimism, and passion is clearly noticed by all his colleagues at Queen’s Park, no matter what the political stripe.

On his last day as leader, it was a heartwarming moment to see the other Members of the House thank MPP Fraser for his work as Interim Leader. This was followed by a round of applause from “His Big Family," as MPP Fraser likes to call his colleagues at Queen's Park. A perfect point of view for a non-partisan intern.

It has been a unique opportunity to work in an office of a party in the midst of bringing in a new leader. It has been exciting to watch MPP Fraser work with Mr. Steven Del Duca who became the Ontario Liberal Leader in March 2020. The transition has been interesting, and the work has only increased as MPP Fraser continues his role as Parliamentary Leader for the Liberals at Queen’s Park. It has been a pleasure to help MPP Fraser prepare for debate, events, meetings and working on our French language skills!

At Queen's Park, MPP Fraser continues to have the responsibility of representing a party in unfamiliar territory. Everyone has to assume many roles and MPP Fraser says he relies dearly on his Liberal colleagues, who must all work together during these times.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with MPP Fraser’s staff. They have involved me in so many projects and have trusted me with completing many important tasks. I want to thank MPP Fraser’s Legislative Assistant, Grace Johnson, for her wonderful attitude and spirit. It is always a delight to share an office with someone who has such a positive outlook and can make every moment enjoyable. Her work ethic is amazing and the teamwork between herself and MPP Fraser is something to behold. I also want to thank MPP Fraser’s Executive Assistant Fadi El Masry and Constituency Assistant Carolyn Kropp for their support. Even with 400 km between us they have kept me involved in their work.

He continues to advocate for his community during the COVID-19 pandemic and has involved me in tele-townhalls so that I can get a point of view from his constituents. It is an important time to band together, and community engagement is high on his list of priorities.

With his glass half full attitude, MPP Fraser has stated, “It’s an exciting time for the party” and I am so excited to be working with him and his staff to experience it all.

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