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Placement Posts - Chelsea with the Legislative Library

My Assembly placement was with the Legislative Library! The Legislative Library provides up-to-date non-partisan research, analysis, circulation, reference, and news services to MPPs and their staff, Legislative Assembly staff, and Committees. The Library staff are highly resourceful and knowledgeable, and they work exceptionally hard to reliably meet tight deadlines for requests while providing accurate, dependable information. Questions are always welcome and are kept completely confidential.

With the Legislative Library, I had the opportunity to write and publish a Provincial Affairs Briefing (PAB) - a navigable and digestible summary of current issues that highlight key resources and stakeholders to help assist MPPs and Legislative Assembly staff in their work. For my PAB, which relates to health disparities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I conducted secondary research to collect data from public health units in Ontario and other jurisdictions, explored relevant legislation and policy surrounding COVID-19 response, and worked with a data visualization librarian to create infographics and charts to present the information in a more accessible way.

While I have yet to go to the Legislative Library in person due to the pandemic, my remote placement taught me a great deal about conducting and presenting research for MPPs and Legislative Assembly staff and writing in non-partisan language. I’ve developed a renewed appreciation for the services that the Legislative Library provides, and look forward to keeping in touch with them throughout the next few months of my MPP placement. Thank you to my project supervisor, Brenna, and the rest of the Legislative Library staff for warmly welcoming me into their (virtual) office this month!

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