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Placement Posts - Angela In Legislative Research

Angela is placed with the Legislative Research Service, which is part of the Legislative Library and Research Services (LLRS) Branch. The LLRS provides non-partisan up-to-date research to members of provincial parliament and to the staff at the Legislature. Members can request for a particular topic or question to be researched at any time, and can expect their research requests to be kept confidential. Confidentiality between a member and the LLRS is crucial because it prevents members from learning about the research or policy interests of other members, including members of their own caucus. A strict code of non-partisan and confidential research ensures that members can trust the service and the research that is provided to them.

In addition to fulfilling research requests, research officers in the Legislative Research Service prepare publications that are relevant to current events and may be helpful to the Legislature. However, research requests are always prioritized and may take up most of a research officer’s time. During the summer and any other time when the House isn’t sitting, there may be fewer research requests to fulfill, and more time is available to update additional research publications. Angela is offering support to research officers with updating research articles on various policy topics to be published online on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website.. She is improving her research skills, familiarizing herself with the library resources, and practicing her writing skills in non-partisan language which will help with her future member placements.

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