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Placement Posts - Amelia with OLIP Commemoration

I had the pleasure of working with OLIP for my Assembly placement. My task was to prepare a commemorative strategy for the Programme’s 45th anniversary. This involved doing a deep dive into the history of OLIP. One of the most enjoyable parts of my placement was conducting oral history interviews with a few of the Programme’s past Academic Directors, including Dr. Graham White, Dr. Fred Fletcher, and Dr. Robert Williams, and with alumnus Mr. Tim Murphy. Each interview revealed new and exciting insights into the history of OLIP. I found that the experiences of past Academic Directors and interns varied based on what was going on at the Legislature and in Canada during their time with OLIP. It was exciting for me to realize how closely OLIP’s history has interacted with and been influenced by events at the Legislature and across the country.

Another exciting part of my placement was sorting through photos from previous OLIP cohorts, dating all the way back to the first cohort in 1976-77! While the clothing and hairstyles have changed, the eager and excited faces of the interns in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s reminded me very much of the faces of my fellow interns on our first day at the Legislature back in September. I had the opportunity to reach out and connect with the alumni in these old photos. Many have dusted off OLIP photographs from their own filing cabinets and shared them with me!

It has been an incredible experience to connect with OLIP’s past. The experience has impressed on me that, as an OLIP intern, I am part of something much bigger than myself. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve uncovered throughout the year with alumni, sponsors, and supporters of the program through our social media channels, newsletter, and magazine.

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