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Placement Post - Monica with MPP Marit Stiles

I am working with MPP Marit Stiles for my second placement. MPP Stiles is the NDP member who represents the riding of Davenport and serves as the education critic. Davenport is the home to a wonderful mix of people from different backgrounds, including a large Portuguese population. From Eglington in the north to Queen Street in the south, it is home to many wonderful communities like the Junction, Little Portugal, and Dufferin Grove. I happen to live close to the riding and am frequently there (see: my addiction to treats from Bakerbots).

Although MPP Stiles is a first-term MPP, she is not new to politics and advocacy. Before being elected to represent Davenport, she served as a Trustee on the Toronto District School Board. Before that, she had roles with Canada's New Democratic Party and as the National Director of Public Policy and Research at ACTRA.

The office is always busy, and MPP Stiles currently has several bills tabled, including Teddy's Law, which will prevent unnecessary cat declawing, and the Cannabis Licence Amendment Act, 2020. I have spent my time writing notes for speeches, doing policy research, and helping with constituent outreach and stakeholder meetings. I was very excited to see the Endometriosis Awareness Month Act tabled recently, something I worked closely on. As the education critic and as someone passionate about her riding and social issues at large, the team is always working hard to make big changes.

I am so grateful for Team Stiles and their role in making my placement so memorable. Thank you to MPP Stiles, Ashley, Greg and Peter!

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