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Placement post- Meriem with MPP Michael Parsa

I am very excited to be working in the office of MPP Michael Parsa, member for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill- a culturally diverse riding is at the heart of York Region. MPP Parsa got involved in politics when he was only fifteen years old and never looked back. He is currently the Parliamentary Assistant to the President of the Treasury Board, a member on the Standing Committee on Estimates, and Standing Committee on Public Accounts

So far, I had the opportunity to help draft member statements, speeches, as well as monthly o-ped articles published in a local newspaper to keep the community informed about important parliamentary activities. I also helped revise the preamble of his most recent Private Members Bills; the Ontario Day Act and the Persian Heritage Month Act. I learned so much about Ontario’s history as well as Persian culture along the way! Other key areas in which I was involved were in the Treasury Board, and the Ontario 2021 Budget. Analyzing the latter with his staff provided me with a deeper understanding of public services and expenditure management.

I am fortunate to be placed in such a welcoming office! MPP Parsa’s staff - Shaida, Kimiya, Kai, Kristine and Cristian- all welcomed me with open (virtual) arms. Thank you for making me feel like a part of your team from afar and I look forward to spending the next few months in your office!

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