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Placement Post: Melody with MPP Norm Miller

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

For my first placement, I am thrilled to be working with MPP Norman Miller, who represents the riding of Parry Sound—Muskoka, located in Ontario’s Near North. The riding boasts beautiful natural surroundings and has an interesting population makeup that includes a high number of cottagers during the summertime. The riding is also a very large geographic region that includes 26 municipalities, seven First Nations communities, and a multitude of unorganized territories. As someone who has lived in Southern Ontario my whole life, Parry Sound—Muskoka offers many learning opportunities and new perspectives.

MPP Miller has been in office since 2001 and is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, so he has a depth of knowledge and experience to share. His role with the Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs has provided me with a unique set of opportunities to learn more about Ontario’s relationships with the international community. I have been fortunate to attend flag raising ceremonies and meet with delegates and Consuls General from countries around the world.

In this placement, I have been primarily working on research for a Private Member’s Bill, the Lifejackets for Life Act, 2021, which was introduced to the Legislative Assembly in early December. This project has given me the opportunity to participate in the process of formulating a Private Member’s Bill from the very beginning, while communicating and engaging with stakeholders and Ministries throughout.

During my time in MPP Miller’s office, I have also enjoyed writing speeches, statements, news releases, and doing media work to support the office.

One highlight was visiting the constituency offices in Parry Sound and Bracebridge to better understand the riding and its residents. MPP Miller even provided an aerial tour of the riding from up in his seaplane! Thank you to MPP Miller and his staff—Lesley, the Executive Assistant, and Emily, Karen, and Christine at the Constituency Offices, for making my first placement memorable.    

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