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Placement Post: Melody with MPP Monique Taylor

I am thrilled to be placed in the office of MPP Monique Taylor, the Member for Hamilton Mountain. Having grown up in Hamilton myself, I have enjoyed contributing to meaningful work in my own community and learning more about the people and key issues in the city.

MPP Taylor is the NDP’s Critic for Mental Health and Addictions, so much my work has been in support of her upcoming Private Member’s Bill focusing on mental wellness in Ontario’s schools. I have been responsible for conducting research to develop the program and engaging with diverse stakeholders and experts in the mental health field.

As a Deputy Opposition Whip, MPP Taylor is a member of the Opposition’s House team. As a result, she spends a large amount of time in the House with many opportunities to speak during debates and ask questions. I have particularly enjoyed writing questions for Question Period and working on research projects to inform MPP Taylor’s Member’s Statements and speeches. In one instance, MPP Taylor received notice that she would be speaking on the recently proposed changes to the Standing Orders. Since I am writing my OLIP academic paper on the evolution of the Standing Orders, I was happy to contribute useful information and my own research to supplement her speaking notes.

MPP Taylor is passionate about her work for her community and for the province, so working in her office has been a great experience. Thank you to MPP Taylor and Jessica Beaupre, MPP Taylor’s Executive Assistant, for welcoming me to the team!

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