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Placement Post - Mac with MPP Christina Mitas

I am placed in the office of MPP Christina Mitas. MPP Mitas is a member of the Progressive Conservative Party and has represented the riding of Scarborough Centre since 2018. Scarborough Centre is an ethnically diverse and urban riding in the east end of Toronto. MPP Mitas serves as a member of the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly. Prior to being elected, MPP Mitas worked as a teacher in Scarborough and has always been passionate about increasing women’s participation in politics.

In MPP Mitas’ offices, I have been working primarily on research for possible future Private Member’s Bills. I have enjoyed this experience, since it is allowing me to understand how backbench members of the Legislature can bring forward issues they are passionate about or are important to their ridings within their caucus. I have also been able to contribute to the constituent outreach of the office through newsletters and attending a number of virtual community events. I have appreciated the opportunity to see and contribute to how MPP Mitas and her team respond to constituent concerns in this unique time, especially related to the vaccine rollout and economic recovery in one of Canada’s hardest hit communities.

I have really enjoyed getting started in MPP Mitas’ office, and I would like to thank MPP Mitas and her staff, Amanda, Marceau, and Tara for welcoming me to their team and helping to get me oriented in the first few weeks!

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