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Placement Post: Janine with MPP Michael Parsa

I am thrilled to be working in MPP Michael Parsa’s office for my government placement. MPP Parsa represents the riding of Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill, one of the most culturally diverse communities in the province. MPP Parsa also serves as the Deputy Government House Leader, the Deputy Government Whip, and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance. Elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2018, MPP Parsa has been involved with the Progressive Conservative Party for over 20 years, working in multiple capacities on the federal level.

I have learned so much working at MPP Parsa’s office; from balancing multiple roles, to staying connected to constituents, I have seen first-hand how Members wear different hats and adapt to change quickly. As an aspiring journalist, I have been particularly interested in observing decision-making processes on a provincial level, and the considerations taken into account. It has also been fascinating to learn more about the role of the Government House Leader in providing the organizational bedrock for the business of the House and committees, and pushing policy priorities forward.

When I have not been at Queen’s Park, I have been spending time at the constituency office in the riding. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend local events to learn more about the needs of residents in the community.

Throughout my placement, I have had the opportunity to work on Member’s Statements, provide media scans, assist with speeches and committee reports, write news articles, and create briefing notes for different meetings. A big thank you to MPP Michael Parsa, Shaida, Shauna, Cristian, Kristine, and Marcus for welcoming me to their office with open arms!

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