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Placement Post: Iqra with MPP Rudy Cuzzetto

For my government placement, I was privileged to be working with MPP Rudy Cuzzetto, the Member for Mississauga - Lakeshore and Parliamentary Assistant to the President of the Treasury Board. I learned a lot about how government works in this placement, as well as the unique culture and economy of the riding.

As Parliamentary Assistant to the President of the Treasury Board, MPP Cuzzetto is involved in reviewing Treasury Board applications and distributing funding to different ministries. The work that MPP Cuzzetto is involved in is as diverse as the number of ministries there are in government. For someone who is interested in interdisciplinary policymaking, this is exceptionally exciting, as it allows me to observe the various relationships within government.

I have completed a variety of tasks for work in MPP Cuzzetto’s office. I helped draft member’s statements and compile data and talking points for debates on bills. I also wrote several speeches for MPP Cuzzetto for events and receptions he attended throughout the weeks. I especially enjoyed creating speaking notes on the new Peter Gilgan Mississauga Hospital being built, and the impact it would have on the health outcomes of the community. I also had the opportunity to manage some casework and help struggling constituents. While the responsibility that came with the work was significant, it was incredibly rewarding to have helped someone understand something they did not previously or help them access funding they did not know they could access.

Thank you MPP Cuzzetto, and his staff Kristian, Michael, Joanna, Carmela, Dorothy, and Leo for having me in your office and teaching me what government work is about!

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