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Placement Post -Elizabeth with MPP Mike Schreiner

I am very excited to be working with MPP Mike Schreiner for my opposition placement! MPP Schreiner is the leader and currently only elected member of Ontario’s Green Party, and represents the riding of Guelph. Guelph is an interesting riding because it’s a small, tightly knit, innovative city with a big agricultural sector. MPP Schreiner has been the leader of the Green Party since 2009, but was first elected in 2018.

I chose to work with MPP Schreiner because I wanted to learn more about environmental issues in Ontario, and I have had the chance to work on environmental files like protecting wetlands, the carbon tax and a green recovery. However, being a caucus of one means that MPP Schreiner is the Green “critic for everything,” so I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of portfolios, from the new WSIB legislation to justice reform to affordable housing to education. I have also had the chance to do a lot of constituency work, researching and replying to requests and inquiries from residents across the riding and the province. I’ve even had the chance to help seniors in Guelph register for their COVID-19 vaccine, which was very rewarding! I also write weekly constituency newsletters which include public health updates and notices of local virtual events, which has helped me get to know the community even though I can’t visit in person right now.

Thanks to MPP Schreiner and his staff for welcoming me to the team: Jackie and Bianca the Executive assistants, Sam the legislative assistant, and Candice, Brandy, Shelley and Ran at the constituency office. It is such a pleasure to work on this amazing team, and I am excited to learn more about the role of independent members at Queen’s Park.

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