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For my Spring placement, I have been working with MPP Bhutila Karpoche, the NDP member for the diverse Toronto-area riding of Parkdale-High Park and Critic for Early Learning and Childcare. MPP Karpoche is the first person of Tibetan origin to be elected to public office in North America, and is also a PhD candidate in public health policy at Ryerson University.

During my time with MPP Karpoche’s office, I have worked on various projects related to the provincial COVID-19 vaccine rollout including responding to constituent questions and concerns about accessing vaccines, helping to organize a virtual vaccine information panel event with Toronto health experts, and contributing to COVID-19 e-newsletters to keep constituents updated. I have written members’ statements and questions to prepare MPP Karpoche for House Duties, and drafted speaking notes for speeches at events in the constituency. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend several meetings with stakeholders and community groups related to MPP Karpoche’s critic portfolio, and have learned a great deal about childcare and early education policy. Additionally, when MPP Karpoche’s Private Member’s Bill on Maternal Mental Health goes to second reading in April, I will be assisting the office with PMB outreach and communications.

While I have only been with the office for a few months, I am inspired by MPP Karpoche’s generosity in her mentorship, dedication to her constituents, and strong leadership. A huge thank you to MPP Karpoche, Jeremy (a former OLIP intern!), Carly, Dechen, Spencer Julien, and Spencer Hidgon-McGreal for their warm welcome to the office. I’ve learned a great deal from working with all of you so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my placement with the team!

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