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Placement Post: Alessia with MPP Bhutila Karpoche

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

For my Fall placement, I am fortunate to be working in the office of MPP Bhutila Karpoche. MPP Karpoche is a member of the New Democratic Party and since 2018, has made history both in the Ontario Legislature and in North America as the first person of Tibetan heritage to be elected to public office. MPP Karpoche represents the diverse and vibrant riding of Parkdale-High Park, located in Toronto's west-end. She is the Official Opposition Critic for Early Learning and Childcare with policy interests in affordable housing, public health, and workers' rights. MPP Karpoche’s passion for politics began with her involvement in the Tibetan community, which developed her understanding of housing disparities. This awareness, paired with other experiences, made her want to get involved with provincial politics and serve the public. As a racialized woman in politics, one of MPP Karpoche’s goals is to create change and inspire others.

While working with MPP Karpoche and her team, I have learned so much about social policy, an area that deeply interests me. More specifically, I have the chance to work on and learn about Ontario's housing laws and regulations as well as tenants' rights. I continue to gain experience in speechwriting, preparing for press conferences, and engaging meaningfully with communities.

MPP Karpoche's office is filled with wonderful people who are always willing to help me learn and grow. As such, I want to sincerely thank MPP Karpoche and each member of her team, including Carly, Spencer HM, Dechen, Spencer J, and Jeremy for graciously welcoming me into their office and assisting in my orientation and learning process. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity!

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