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Partner Spotlight: Public Sector Workers

OLIP can run an incredible programme each year thanks in no small part to the generosity of our many partners. Though every cohort tries to meet with each of our over forty partners, we unfortunately miss some partners in our ten months with the programme. This post is intended to recognize some of these partners, specifically those who represent public sector workers.

The Ontario Professional Firefighters Association (OPFA) advocates on behalf of Ontario’s fire service professionals. Established in 1920, the organization is now stronger than 11,000 members. These members provide Ontarians with services beyond fighting fires, such as first response to medical emergencies, car accidents, and other complex rescue situations.

Also representing a group of first responders is the Police Association of Ontario (PAO), one of OLIP’s new partners in the 2021-2022 cohort. The PAO is the representative of over 28,000 police personnel, providing a unifying voice for police from 45 regional associations. One of the big items that the PAO has been advocating for is mental health support for Ontario’s first responders, and they have seen positive results on this file in the latest provincial budget which dedicated $45 million to such services.

Providing Ontarians with representation in the provincial level of government is important to all sorts of public sector professionals, among them teachers. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) is another one of OLIP’s partners and is the organization that advocates on behalf of teachers in Ontario’s English Catholic schools. With almost 45,000 members teaching from kindergarten to Grade 12, the OECTA works to advocate for the betterment of teacher and student welfare. Education policy is one of the province’s most significant responsibilities, and so the work of OECTA impacts wide swaths of Ontario – both young and old.

Thank you again to the OPFA, PAO, and OECTA for your support of the programme!

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