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Partner Blog: The Council of Ontario Universities

We recently enjoyed an insightful meeting with our partners at the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). The COU provides a forum for Ontario’s universities to collaborate and advocate in support of their shared mission to the benefit and prosperity of students, communities, and the province of Ontario. As recent university graduates, we enjoyed learning about how Ontario’s universities work together to further common goals.

We engaged in an interesting discussion about the needs of students and the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence. With learning as we know it on the verge of drastic change, we were happy to share our own thoughts and experiences with the COU team. We left feeling confident that they will continue to work in the best interest of students across Ontario.

Thank you to Mr. Steve Orsini, Krista Orendorff, and Yvone Robertson for taking the time to speak with us, and to the Council of Ontario Universities for their support of OLIP.

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