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Partner Blog: The Co-Operators

We were graciously hosted by the Co-Operators' government relations team to discuss over dinner our common interests in advocacy and to get to know more about the details of the work they do. The Co-Operators is a leading Canadian financial services co-operative based in Guelph, Ontario, offering multi-line insurance and wealth products, services, and advice to build financial strength and security.

We discussed at length how to shape advocacy strategies around government priorities, capacity, and different risk factors within the insurance industry. We also learned about how insurance is important in a variety of different sectors for the financial security and livelihood of people in vastly different contexts and jobs across the province, from farmers to engineers, and how co-ops facilitate the affordability of these workers to be able to protect themselves from risks to their businesses. It was especially illuminating to discuss the role that insurance has played in the response to recent climate disasters that impacted agricultural lands, in Ontario and elsewhere.

We are grateful to have learned just how many ties there are in the insurance industry to our work in government and across different issues, such as responding to climate change. Not to mention, the toques the Co-Operators team were kind enough to give us kept us warm all throughout our Quebec, Ottawa and Yellowknife study tours. Thank you to Emily, Maya, and the whole Co-Operators team for chatting with us and for your hospitality and support!

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