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Our Meeting with the Samara Centre for Democracy

Updated: Jun 18

We had the pleasure of meeting with the Samara Centre for Democracy and attending their “In Defense of Democracy” event back in November. We were so grateful to attend and learn so much about the state of journalism in Canada and the importance of holding politicians accountable. We were welcomed in their downtown office which is in an old historic building in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood.  

The Samara Centre for Democracy is a non-partisan charity that runs programs to encourage and study civic engagement in Canada. They interview MPs as they leave office, host the “Humans of the House” podcast, and conduct research on the state of democracy. The team is small but mighty, with a staff of only 8 people they are still able to create well researched and interesting materials for the public to understand. They are an excellent resource for civic education in schools and help students and other interested citizens how our democratic system works. As a resource, the Samara Centre helps us to understand our political system, engage with it, and learn how to make our system more democratic.  

Thank you to Sabreena Delhon and Vijay Kumar Singh or the warm welcome in your downtown office and for the wonderful Humans of the House tote bags! We look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work in the future.  

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