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Partner Blog: Provoke Public Affairs

Updated: Jun 19

The OLIP interns were very grateful to be hosted for dinner by Sydney Oakes, Principal at Provoke Public Affairs. Sydney, a former OLIP intern, was very generous with her time, spending the evening with the interns and sharing valuable insights about her time as an OLIP intern and her work leading Provoke Public Affairs.  


Provoke Public Affairs offers comprehensive government relations and strategic communications services to their clients, and we were excited to hear about how Sydney’s time as an intern and the connections she made during her time at Queen’s Park have helped support her work throughout her career.  


It is always encouraging for the interns to hear from alumni and to hear about their success post-OLIP. Sydney has been such a wonderful supporter for this cohort of interns, and has supported OLIP as a partner for many years. Thank you, Sydney and Provoke Public Affairs, for your dedication to OLIP. It does not go unnoticed; we are very grateful! 

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