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Partner Blog: OPFFA

The interns had an insightful conversation with Greg Horton, President and Bob McCutcheon, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA), both experienced firefighters and advocates of fire safety in Ontario. The OPFFA provides leadership, representation, education and support to improve the personal and professional lives of Ontario’s fire service professionals, representing more than 12,000 full-time firefighters in over 80 cities, towns, and regions. 


We were interested in their advocacy work and the priorities of firefighters, including their continuing lobbying for better and safer equipment, issues regarding the construction of encapsulated mass timber and single egress occupancies, and cancer coverage and screening, as firefighters are more likely to develop forms of cancer due to increased exposure. We also spoke about their strategic approaches to building relationships and collaboration with governments and political staffers. 


Thank you, Greg, Bob and the OPFFA for the incredible learning opportunity and for your continued support for OLIP. 

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