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Partner Blog: Ontario Real Estate Association

Throughout this OLIP year, the cohort has been lucky enough to meet with Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) twice now, and each meeting has provided a deeper and more insightful understanding of the role OREA plays in our province.

During our first meeting with OREA, we got the chance to meet Jason Lagerquist (Head of Government Relations) and Dia Mukherjee (Government Relations and Communications Specialist), both former OLIP Interns. Both Jason and Dia were very kind and engaging, sharing about their time in OLIP and the work OREA does to ensure people have access to fair and equitable housing. They both discussed the integral role OREA played in helping assess the housing crisis and providing recommendations for the government.

In our second meeting with OREA, the interns got the chance to meet with Tim Hudak, the CEO of OREA and former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. In this meeting, Mr. Hudak discussed his fondest memories as leader and the hardships he faced in opposition.

Meeting with OREA and getting a chance to see the success stories of former OLIP interns is always a blast. It was lovely getting to know Jason and Dia. We enjoyed talking with Mr. Tim Hudak and learning more about his exciting experiences both in and out of politics. OLIP sincerely thanks OREA for its support for our programme and we are certain the upcoming cohort will enjoy these meetings as much as we did!

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