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Partner Blog: Ontario Association of Landscape Architects

The OLIP interns had the pleasure of meeting with our partners from the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, Shawn Watters and Glenn O’Connor. The interns were particularly excited to meet with the OALA to learn about the work that landscape architects across Ontario are undertaking.

The OALA is the sole regulator for the title of landscape architect, and as such, is extensively involved within the industry. The OALA has over 2000 members and works to oversee the industry along with upholding the accreditation standards for landscape architects across the province. In addition to hearing about the regulatory role that the OALA plays, it was very interesting for the interns to hear about the day-to-day work of landscape architects, whether it be in designing golf courses or traffic intersections.

In addition to hearing about the work of the OALA and landscape architects, we had a chance to hear about Mr. Watters’ other line of work: politics. Shawn Watters has served as the Mayor of Centre Wellington, Ontario, since 2022 and spoke extensively about his journey as an elected official and his work within his community as mayor. These insights from Mayor Watters were particularly valuable as the interns look towards upcoming placements in MPP offices. Mr. O’Connor also shared insights from his many years in the private sector, and the years he has spent with the OALA working alongside elected officials on updating legislation and regulations.

We thank OALA for their support of our programme, and for taking the time to meet with us. We appreciate the insight and encouragement that both Mr. Watters and O’Connor offered, and we look forward to continuing our work together.

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