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Partner Blog: OALA

The interns recently welcomed Aina Budrevics, Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, to our office at Queen’s Park, as well as Angie Anselmo, Membership Services Administrator and Charlie Echlin from Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc. Given that we met with a few OALA members in the beginning of the year, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet staff of the organization and discuss the progress OALA has made in their advocacy efforts since.  


Recently, on May 6th OALA held a reception at Queen’s Park in which a couple interns had the pleasure of attending. At Queen’s Park that day, landscape architects had the chance to network with 34 MPPs and explain how they can help address issues related to housing, accessibility, street safety, mental health, and climate change. It was a significant step in the advancement of the Landscape Architect Practice Act and guaranteeing that landscape architects receive due recognition for their role in our communities

Thank you OALA for your partnership with OLIP and for taking the time to meet with us again!

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