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Partner Blog: LSO

OLIP is proud to recognize our longstanding partner, the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). The LSO was founded in 1797 and was then known as the Law Society of Upper Canada. Since its founding, the LSO has regulated, licensed, and disciplined lawyers and paralegals in Ontario. The LSO oversees over 57,000 lawyers in Ontario, and over 10,000 paralegals.  


The Law Society of Ontario takes its duty to protect the public interest very seriously and believes that Ontarians should have access to high quality legal services whenever they need them. The role of the LSO is outlined in legislation in Ontario through the Law Society Act. 


We are grateful for the many years of support from the Law Society of Ontario as, without our partners, we interns would not have the wonderful opportunities that OLIP provides us. Thank you, LSO! 

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