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Partner Blog: Equal Voice

We are so grateful to have been invited to an Equal Voice Toronto event and to have them as a trusted supporter of the program. The cohort had the privilege of attending their International Women’s Day event. We learned from amazing former politicians who spoke candidly about their experiences as women in politics. They told us about the important of women to take risks and run in government so that we can create a better world.  


Equal Voice is a charity that helps to get improve the gender disparity in Canadian politics. They run events like the one we attended to encourage women to get involved in politics, but they also try to equip women in running for office. They provide leadership training and education to teach women how to campaign in elections at all levels of government, so that they feel ready to take on the challenge. Equal Voice has many programs to improve women’s involvement in politics to have a more diverse and representative government across the country.  


Thanks to Jaskiran for connecting us to this event, and to Equal Voice Toronto for our newly established partnership. 

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